Storage and Consumption

We make our chocolates in small batches with no artificial preservatives and suggest that they are eaten while they are fresh to enjoy them at their best.

We recommend that our filled truffles which contain dairy products should be stored in a refrigerator away from any residual dampnessThis is easy to do by popping the chocolate box inside a freezer bag before placing in the fridge. They will come to no harm left out of a fridge for a while prior to eating, or handing round at social occasions.

The rest of the range of our chocolates should be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight and strong odours.

All Chocolate by Jacquie products have “best before” guidance*.  The filled chocolates have a shorter “best before” guidance.

None of our products require “use by” or “eat before” deadlines**. 

*“best before” means the date by which the chocolates are recommended to be eaten to enjoy them at their best and freshest. This is a guideline only and many flavours will be fine to eat for several weeks providing our storage recommendations are followed.

**“use by” or “eat before” means the latest date that you should eat a product in order to ensure it is fresh and fit for consumption.